Thursday, November 20, 2008

How much of a Ford vehicle can be recycled


The Materials that comprise a Ford TaurusIn the U.S., 52% of all paper and 45% of all aluminum beer and soft drink cans are recycled. But that's nothing compared with vehicles: More than 95% are recycled at the end of their lives*, making cars and trucks the most recycled consumer products in the country. "On average, 84% of a car's materials by weight can be recycled when it enters the vehicle-recycling infra-structure*," says Claudia Duranceau, senior research recycling engineer at Ford. "We've designed newer vehicles to be easier to take apart, so dismantlers can resell and recycle more parts and components themselves," Duranceau says. "Once the dismantler has removed valuable items, the vehicle hulks are shredded and the metal scrap is melted down and recycled back into vehicles." Ford is also part os the Vehicle Recycling Partnership, which works on new ways to increase recycling of vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.

*Ward's Motor Vehicle Facts & Figures 2007

This Article was from the My Ford Fall 2008 Magazine by Claudia Duranceau, Senior Research Recycling Engineer

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