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Ford Advantage Plan - Questions & Answers

Here is an FAQ on the Ford Advantage Plan. This also can be downloaded here in a pdf document.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is covered under The Ford Payment Protection Program?

Only the primary purchaser/lessee responsible for the outstanding financing of the new Ford vehicle is covered under The Ford Payment Protection Program and is eligible for Benefits. Co-purchasers and co-lessees are not covered under this program.


2. What are my Benefits?


The Ford Payment Protection Program will pay, on your behalf, the monthly payment (purchase: principal + interest / lease: lease fee + taxes) due on your vehicle financing up to $700 per month for up to 12 months provided you are Involuntarily Unemployed before January 1, 2010, remain Involuntarily Unemployed, and continue to submit proof of unemployment on a monthly basis.


3. When is enrollment effective?


Your enrollment in The Ford Payment Protection Program becomes effective the day you purchase/lease your new vehicle. Please note, however, that there is a 30-day exclusionary period. You must become Involuntarily Unemployed after this initial 30-day exclusionary period in order to qualify for Benefits, and then you must be unemployed for at least 30 consecutive days before you can request your Benefit.


For example:

• New vehicle purchased/leased on: March 31, 2009

• Program Enrollment Date effective on: March 31, 2009

• 30-Day Exclusionary Period for Eligibility ends: May 1, 2009

• Involuntary Unemployment event must occur between May 1,  2009, and before January 1, 2010

• Involuntary Unemployment occurs May 2, 2009

• 30-Day Unemployment Waiting Period ends: June 1, 2009

In this example, the first day you are able to request a Benefit, provided you meet all other requirements, is June 1, 2009.

4. What type of Employment is covered?


To qualify for The Ford Payment Protection Program you must have been working full-time for 90 consecutive days, at least 30 hours per week, before you became Involuntarily Unemployed. This program does not cover part-time (less than 30 hours per week), seasonal, self-employment or persons employed by a family household member.


5. What does it mean to become Involuntarily Unemployed?


Involuntary Unemployment means that you are terminated by your employer prior to January 1, 2010, due to individual or mass layoff, strike, labor dispute or lockout. It does not include termination of employment due to: retirement, normal seasonal unemployment, resignation, voluntary forfeiture of salary, wages or employment income, scheduled termination of an employment contract, disability (as a result of sickness, illness, disease, accident, pregnancy, injury or other cause) and willful or criminal misconduct or incarceration. Also, excluded is Involuntary Unemployment which occurred, or for which you received notice of, prior to your enrollment in The Ford Payment Protection Program (i.e. the date you purchased/leased your vehicle).


6. How do I request for my Benefits to be activated?


If you become Involuntarily Unemployed prior to January 1, 2010, and believe that you have met all of the necessary qualifications, call 1-888-262-9809 to request a Benefit Form. You must complete a Benefit Form and submit all required documentation within 90 days of the day you became Involuntarily Unemployed in order to be eligible for Benefits. An associate will be available to assist you Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST and will provide you with specific instructions.


7. What documentation do I need to provide in order to receive Benefits?


Along with a completed and signed Benefit Form, provided by the customer service representative, you need to submit the following:


• Proper proof of unemployment: A copy of your State Determination Letter, Unemployment check stubs, Unemployment debit card statement(s) or Registration Card

• A copy of your financing agreement with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

• A copy of your most recent monthly financing statement or coupon book (or similar documentation that shows the finance source information including account number, payment amount and payment mailing address)

8. Once I submit all of the required documentation, how long will it take before I know whether my request for Benefits was approved?


Provided that all the documentation has been submitted, it generally takes 7-10 business days from the date we receive your documentation before an approval for Benefits will be issued. You will be contacted if any additional information is needed in order to determine whether you have met all eligibility requirements.

9. How do I know if my request for Benefits has been approved?

When your Benefits have been approved, you will receive a letter advising you of your Benefit approval and the amount paid to your financing source. It is important for you to continue to make the required payments on your account until you have received notification that your Benefits have been approved in order to maintain your account current.


10. When do my Benefits begin?


Once your Benefit is approved, payments are retroactive to the day you became Involuntarily Unemployed (subject to verification). Benefit payments will then continue on a monthly basis, in 30-day increments, provided you continue to submit the required documentation for each month you remain Involuntarily Unemployed, up to the program maximum of 12 months.

For example:
• You purchased/leased the vehicle on June 1, 2009
• Your 30-day exclusionary period for eligibility ends on July 1, 2009
• You become Involuntarily Unemployed on August 1, 2009
• Your 30-day unemployment waiting period ends on September 1, 2009
• You call to request a Benefit Form on September 15, 2009 and submit the required documentation by September 30, 2009

In this scenario, a monthly benefit payment(s), retroactive to August 1, 2009 will be issued. Then, monthly Benefits will be disbursed provided you continue to submit the required documentation for each additional month you remain Involuntarily Unemployed, up to the program maximum of 12 months. If you have questions on how your Benefit payments will be applied to your financing account, please contact your finance source directly.


11. Once my Benefit is approved, will my Benefit be paid on the day that my monthly financing payment is due?


No. The Benefit is paid once all required documentation has been received and reviewed, and your Benefit request has been approved. Because of this process, the Benefit payment may or may not be issued on the precise day when your monthly financing payment is due. As such, it is important that you continue to make your required monthly financing payments until your Benefit has been approved.

12. What about financing payment amounts that are above the $700 maximum monthly Benefit?


The Benefit paid is the scheduled monthly purchase/lease payment established with your financing source when the finance agreement was originated, up to a maximum $700 per month Benefit. The purchaser/lessee is responsible for monthly financing payment amounts above the maximum $700 per month Benefit.


13. Will the Benefits cover any late fees I have accrued because I was not able to pay my bill on time?

No. The Benefit only serves to cover your standard vehicle payment obligation and not any additional fees associated with your account.


14. How do I continue to receive my Benefits?

In order for your Benefits to remain active, you must submit proof of continued Involuntary Unemployment (a copy of your State Determination Letter, Unemployment check stubs, Unemployment debit card statement(s) or Registration Card on a monthly basis along with your continuing Benefit Form.

15. If I get a job but find myself Involuntarily Unemployed again, can I request for my Benefits to be activated again?


Yes. If you find yourself in a situation where you are again Involuntarily Unemployed in 2009, you are eligible to request the remaining available Benefits provided that you:


• Have met the requirement to be a full-time employee for 90 consecutive days, at least 30 hours per week, immediately before you became Involuntarily Unemployed again in 2009

• Have been unemployed for at least 30 consecutive days

• Have not reached the 12-month maximum Benefit payout

• Meet all other eligibility requirements

16. If I run out of Benefits, can I reapply for Benefits?


No. Once 12 monthly Benefit payments have been disbursed no additional Benefits are available.


17. If I pay off my loan because I refinanced my vehicle before January 1, 2010, but become Involuntarily Unemployed, am I still eligible to receive Benefits?

Yes, you are still covered as long as you:

• Still have the vehicle originally purchased
• Are still the primary purchaser/lessee responsible for the vehicle financing
• Have a monthly vehicle payment due with a financing source for the vehicle originally purchased/leased
• Continue to meet all other eligibility requirements


18. If I sell my vehicle, is the new owner covered under The Ford Payment Protection Program as well?


No. The Benefit only covers the original purchaser/lessee of the vehicle. These Benefits are not transferable.

19. Am I paying for this program?

No. This program is offered to you as a valued customer, free of charge and compliments of Ford Motor Company.


20. What do I have to do to be enrolled?

Nothing. You are automatically enrolled in The Ford Payment Protection Program as of the effective date of your new vehicle purchase/lease.


21. If I don’t use The Ford Payment Protection Program, can I still get a credit for the unused amount?

No. The purpose of The Ford Payment Protection Program is to assist loyal Ford customers during a time of need. The program has no credit or cash value to the customer outside the Benefits Approval process.

22. Do I have to pay the Benefit back?

No. These Benefits do not need to be repaid.

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