Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Message from Our General Manager

Mark OBrienIn this era of economic challenges, we at Roy OʼBrien Ford thought you would appreciate knowing how much an auto dealership positively affects our local community and its economy. With an average-sized dealership employing around 50 men and women, itʼs easy to imagine that any dealershipʼs closing can cause disastrous economic implications. Dealershipsʼ annual sales, payroll and taxes can easily exceed tens of millions of dollars. In the case of Roy OʼBrien Ford, our 95 employees earned in excess of $6 million (2008 annual payroll). A bulk of that income results in stimulation of the local economy when those employees pay income taxes, mortgages, restaurant and entertainment bills, purchase gas and other consumer goods- right here in Macomb County!


Add to that infusion of dollars the vast amounts that Roy OʼBrien Ford invests in advertising, insurance, utility bills, office supplies, equipment (and repairs), facility maintenance, etc. and it becomes readily apparent that auto dealers are a vibrant, if not vital, component of their communities. Keep in mind that nearly all dealerships tend to be leaders in the area of haritable donations to various clubs, sports teams, school and civic groups, as well as local, national and international fundraising concerns. These dollars enter the economy and stimulate investment and trade, keeping people inside and outside of the dealership working.

Letʼs keep Americans working by endeavoring to seek out “Made in America” products. Test drive an American car or truck before you acquire your next vehicle. We as an industry have met, and in many cases, exceed the quality of the import vehicles. Ford is recognized as a leader in the arena of domestic quality, innovation and features, as well as offering products that are exciting to drive and own.

For over 63 years, Roy OʼBrien Ford has been, and will continue to be, at the corner of Nine Mile and Mack in St. Clair Shores. We are proud to state that Roy OʼBrien Ford is a fixture, woven into the “fabric” of the community and has plans to do so for another 63 years. As a community, we will forge our way through these challenges facing all of us and emerge a stronger community, stronger industry and a stronger country, poised for success. Let Roy OʼBrien Ford make you our “friend that we just havenʼt met yet”.

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kc4america said...

Great Thoughts!

Kudo's to Ford and your Dealership!

I have Always owned Domestic Auto's and Always will. Current Fords Owned. 07 Shelby Gt-500, 02 F150 Harley F150 Supercharged, 73 Cougar Xr7 Vert,71 Ltd Vert, 71 Ltd Coupe, 67 Ltd Fastback & 67 Fairlane.

Invest in our Future Buy Domestic!

May God Bless!