Friday, October 15, 2010

Going Off The Grid Part 1 - Wind & Solar Powered Lights

Something's in the Wind at Roy O'Brien!


Roy O'Brien Ford is starting to go "Off The Grid" and become the first dealership to become energy independent and self-sufficient. A couple weeks ago we installed three (3) wind / turbine & solar powered lights in our parking lot off Nine Mile Rd.


Wind & Solar Powered Lights on Nine Mile Rd at Roy O'Brien Ford


Some quick facts about these lights:

  • 5 Day Battery Backup ( For days with no wind speeds above 7 mph or no sun)
  • Completely "Off the Grid"
  • Prepped to become Future Charging Stations for electric vehicles

Turbine Powered, Solar Powered Lights


This is just the start of our efforts to go green and become completely energy independent. Stay tuned for more news on our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and get "Off the Grid."

1 comment:

David/Lori Wozniak said...

Congratulations, I am GLAD to see a company that cares about going green! Keep up the good work :)