Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Car Care Tips

Spring Car Care Tips

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich.- With dreams of warmer weather in the near future, we've started to think spring. Which means spring cleaning has appeared on our to-do list, and by spring cleaning we mean for the car. But instead of trying to clean up the mess that winter made all at once, get your vehicle ready for spring with our easy Spring Car Car Tips that each take only 10 minutes or less!

When it comes to Spring Car Care Tips, we're keening it simple. Try one at a time and your vehicle will be squeaky clean in no time!

-Next time you go out to the car, bring a bag and throw away any garbage or things you don't need.
-Clean the mats. Take your mats out next time you get out of the car. Wash them off and then hang them to dry so they're ready to go
 next time you get in the car.
-Keep dust away year round by adding a microfiber cloth to your glove box. Whenever you notice it getting dusty, just grab the cloth and wipe it off.
-Wash the windows inside and out. Cleaning off that dusty film on the windshield and the fingerprints in the back seat will increase your visibility.
-Wash the car. If it's too cold to wash it yourself, go to the car wash and ask for a wash that includes the undercarriage so you can get rid of all the salt from winter and prevent corrosion.
-Vacuum it out. If it's a hassle to get the vacuum out to the car, stop by the do-it-yourself car wash next time your out and use the high-powered vacuum.
-Do a windshield wiper check. Michigan's harsh winter conditions can take a toll on your wipers. Make sure they aren't
 streaking or cracked, otherwise it's time to replace them.
-Do a tire check. As the temperature changes make sure your tires are properly inflated and as while you're at it make sure they have adequate tread.

Since we're pretty sure you don't want to spend the whole day cleaning your vehicle, keep these Spring Car Care Tips in mind and in less than 10 minutes a day, you'll be ready to cruise into warmer weather! If spring cleaning isn't your thing we'd be happy to help you out. Just bring your car by your Roseville Area Ford Dealer and our Service Center will take care of you! 
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Steve@Tocowarranty said...

Keep your battery charged. Even while your car is turned off, all vehicles have very small battery drains for the clock, radio presets, and computer memory. If your vehicle sits for long periods of time make sure to unplug cell phone chargers, GPS devices or anything else that uses a power port. If you are planning on storing your vehicle you should look into a battery tender, a small charger that keeps your battery topped off every day. It uses 110 A/C power so keep it close to an outlet.