Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ford Compact Truck Replacement

Ford Compact Truck Replacement
Ford's current global Ranger pickup truck.
ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich.- Since production of the Ford Ranger ended in December 2011, Ford Motor Company has been trying to make sense of a business case for a new compact pickup truck to add to the lineup. America lost its last true compact pickup truck when Ranger production ended. Now, as we demand more powerful and more capable vehicles, the trucks just keep getting bigger and bigger.

But it seems like people are still interested in a compact pickup truck, right? While the consumer interest for a compact Ford truck does exist, Ford has struggled to produce a compact pickup that doesn't overlap the full-size pickup segment. Among other things, a Ford Compact Truck Replacement would have to have a significant difference in size, price, and fuel economy compared to the current F-Series offerings. Ideally, 1,000 pounds of payload capacity, 3,000 pounds of towing, and a dramatic reduction in fuel economy would be perfect for a compact Ford Truck. However, it would still need a reasonable sticker price. Ford does have a current global Ranger pickup, but it would have too much overlap with the F-150 in the U.S. Something completely new is needed, meaning that a Ford Compact Truck Replacement may not need to be a traditional body-on-frame truck. It just may be a car-based pickup instead.

Pricing for a Ford Compact Truck Replacement presents even further difficulties since the current Ford F-150 is priced at just $24,500 before discounts and Ford's most basic Fiesta is priced at $14,000. This leaves only a small window of opportunity to get the price right, aside from what it would cost to produce the compact truck too.

Although the compact truck segment presents some important difficulties, Ford Motor Company understands that there is a market for a true compact truck and is working to produce one that fits. Until a new Ford Compact Truck Replacement hits the market, take a look at the 2013 Ford F-150 Brochure and remember that we can help you save with Ford F-150 Rebates
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