Monday, April 15, 2013

10-Speed Transmissions Coming From Ford & GM Partnership

10-Speed Transmissions Coming From Ford & GM Partnership
ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich.- There's an unexpected collaboration coming to town between two of Detroit’s Big 3 automakers! The city's largest rivals are putting their differences aside to join forces on a new project that will change the automotive industry. Ford Motor Company & General Motors announced today that they will partner to develop a new advanced 10-speed transmission that will offer improved fuel economy! Currently both automakers only offer vehicles with 6 speeds, but they will now work together to develop the next generation of transmissions that will offer 9- and 10-speeds.
Why are more gears needed since current models already offer enjoyable fuel economy? The more gears a transmission has, the less work that is required by the engine to keep the vehicle moving. So the new 10-speed transmission coming from the Ford & GM partnership, with more gears than the current 6-speed model, will show even more impressive fuel economy! Exactly how much the new transmission will affect fuel efficiency is not yet known, but the automakers have estimated that we could enjoy a 5-10% increase in fuel economy.
Since the 10-speed transmission coming from the Ford & GM partnership will contain more gears, it will be more costly to develop. Developing a new transmission can cost hundreds of millions of dollars which is why Ford Motor Company and General Motors have decided to join forces in order to save millions of dollars, which they can then spend on other areas of development. By partnering, the automakers will also be able to continue to offer competitive prices to consumers. So while it may seem odd that competing automakers have partnered to develop a new transmission, it's not the first time. Ford Motor Company and General Motors have actually partnered to develop transmissions before; three separate times over the past decade!
The new 10-speed transmissions will be produced for both front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and while initial development has begun it has not been announced when the new transmissions will show up in vehicles. Until then, check out the current Ford models with impressive fuel economy like the 2013 Ford Focus or 2013 Ford Fusion! And keep your monthly payments low with our Ford Fusion Rebates and Ford Focus RebatesFamily owned and operated since 1946, Roy O'Brien Ford is located at 22201 E. 9 Mile Rd. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 for all your Metro Detroit Ford Vehicle needs. Stay on the right track to Nine Mile and Mack!

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