Thursday, September 05, 2013

Back To School Road Safety

Back To School Road Safety

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich.- School is back in session and whether you drive your kids to school or make your daily commute at the same time as drop off/pick up, this week you've probably got stuck in all the back to school traffic congestion. All that traffic doesn't just give you a headache, it can be dangerous too, which is why it is important for us all to remember simple back to school road safety while everyone gets used to new school schedules, and throughout the school year!

Morning and afternoon traffic is now heavier, so it's important that our little ones are more aware of crosswalks, stop signs, safety patrols, and traffic in general. Crossing guards are extremely important to the city, as they keep our children safe, but it's always important to remind kids to watch out for cars since cars may not always be watching out for them. But as a driver, it's important to know that failing to stop for a crossing guard is a $170 misdemeanor that will add three points to your driver's license! Bus drivers and crossing guards report the license plate numbers of noncompliant drivers to police.

The same goes for stopping for school busses, except the fine is a civil infraction, so be aware of stopping school busses. When the red stop sign goes out, no vehicles are allowed to pass until all of the children have safely entered or exited the bus and then the bus driver takes the sign down. If you drive your child to the bus stop, be aware of where you are parking to drop them off or waiting to pick them up to be sure you aren't blocking any driveways, streets, or imposing on any businesses.

School parking lots can be dangerous for children too if we don't take back to school road safety seriously. As a driver, you can help help to keep drop off/pick up traffic running smoothly by paying attention to all parking signs; some schools have designated areas for this to keep our kids safe. And as always, keep an eye out for kids coming through the parking lot.

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