Friday, October 11, 2013

Ford Creates Vehicles That Park Themselves and Steer Around Obstacles

Ford Creates Vehicles That Park Themselves and Steer Around Obstacles
ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. - Ford is at it again, working hard to create a vehicle that will make your drive more enjoyable and comfortable. While the technology is still being tested in Belgium, Ford has created vehicles that can park themselves and steer around obstacles.

While we all like to think that we are excellent drivers,  we have to admit that we are only human and sometimes we make mistakes when we're behind the wheel. Ford knows this and is working to develop technology that will step in for you when a mistake occurs. One such technology is the Obstacle Avoidance system.

This system will recognize when your vehicle is approaching a slow or stationary object ahead and react accordingly. First, it will alert the drive to the obstacle with a warning and a chime. Then, if no action is taken, the vehicle will take over by applying the brakes, scanning for gaps in traffic, and taking control of the steering wheel to guide you to safety.

Another technology that is currently being tested extensively is Ford's Fully Assisted Parking Aid. This technology would park your car for you - and you don't even have to be in the car! It does this by using three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera. First, the vehicle will scan ahead to check for available parking. If it finds a spot, it will alert you early enough for you to stop. The driver would then put the vehicle in neutral and push the parking button. At this point, the vehicle would take over the brakes, gas, and steering wheel to park your car in a parallel or perpendicular parking spot.

Ford Creates Vehicles That Park Themselves and Steer Around Obstacles

Ford currently has a system that helps you, the driver, park your car. However, it requires the driver to remain in the driver's seat and keep their foot on the brake pedal. This new Fully Assisted Parking Aid would allow your vehicle to take complete control, whether you're inside or outside the vehicle. You may remain in the vehicle while it parks, or you can step outside the car and push the vehicle's park button via a remote/keyfob.

Ford has created a vehicle that parks itself and steers around obstacles, however, it's still in the testing stage and won't be found in Ford vehicles for some time. However, we do have a variety of New Ford Cars, New Ford Trucks, and Used Cars that have features that you're going to love! So stop by our Sterling Heights Area Ford Dealership and take one of our great vehicles out for a test drive!

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