Friday, August 01, 2014

Putting The Spotlight On Les Day

At Roy O'Brien Ford, we pride ourselves in having great customers. Every now and then we like to put the spotlight on someone who inspires us. The person who we chose was a longtime Ford employee and Roy O’Brien customer, Les Day. 

Les worked for Ford for 30 years. He went to Michigan State University and started his journey at Ford immediately after graduating in 1972. While in school, Les and his roommate, Doug Hughson, were the unofficial mechanics on campus. They kept high-quality tools in the trunk of their cars and would drive around fixing vehicles. Since Les and Doug didn’t have a repair shop, they would do repairs in all types of weather, even on days when it was -20 degrees out. The two boys gave exceptional service to their customers. They were making so much money that they even considered dropping out of college, but decided against it.

Les always knew that he wanted to work in the car industry, but he wasn’t sure where. Having connections with people at Chrysler and Chevy, he figured that he might end up at one of those companies. It wasn’t until a recruiter from the AAD (Automotive Assembly Division) came to the MSU campus and talked to Les about opportunities at Ford that he thought about a future with them. The recruiter was highly impressed with Les’ resume and guaranteed that by the following day someone would be in touch with him about a career at Ford. Sure enough, the next day Les was on his way to start his first job out of college working in Customer Relations for Ford.

After a brief six months of working in the Customer Relations field, Les got promoted to be a Zone Representative. This meant that he would be doing warranty administration, customer relations, helping mechanics fix cars and discussing marketing programs with numerous different dealerships around Michigan. Twenty-six dealerships to be exact. Within one year’s time, Les racked up over 100,000 miles on his car from driving to all of the dealerships every week. After working as a Zone Representative, Les was promoted to work with Motorcraft. He was doing marketing for them, as well as trying to get them back into racing. From Motorcraft, Les then moved to the Ford Division. In this division, Les made connections and did work that eventually played a big role in getting Ford back into racing. Today, Ford is involved in NASCAR, Drag Racing and the Baja races.

Les’ constant strive to challenge himself in every job that he was at is an inspiration to us. From starting out in Customer Service, to being a key component in getting Ford back into the racing industry, Les has made many accomplishments throughout his career.

Les is a Ford guy, through and through. Not only do he and his wife own 3 Fords, his two sons each own 3 Fords as well. Les has been a dedicated customer to Roy O’Brien throughout the years, and we definitely have enjoyed all of his stories about his time at Ford.

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